Innovation Requires Partnership

Innovation Requires Partnership
Innovation Requires Partnership
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July 14, 2022

Apella is thrilled to partner with Houston Methodist to digitize the operating room.

Houston Methodist is one of the premier healthcare institutions in the country.  The hospital's innovative legacy was established by cardiac surgeon Michael DeBakey, and is now evident not just in heart and vascular treatments, but in organ transplantation, orthopedics, cancer treatment and neurology and neuroscience, and other service lines.

This partnership will focus on improving outcomes, quality and health care performance in the operating room.  This initiative dovetails with Houston Methodist’s goals of continuously measuring, assessing and improving systems and processes to better serve patients.

The opportunity to improve surgery is vast, covering operations, quality and education, to name a few areas.  We are thrilled to work with the Houston Methodist team of surgeon innovators, operational leaders and the DIOP to identify the areas where artificial intelligence can have the most profound impact.

Ultimately, we have a shared belief that ambient technology will play a meaningful role in improving the performance and satisfaction of surgeons and staff.

I would like to thank Roberta Schwartz, Dr. Varner, Dr. Lumsden, Cathy Williamson, Beth Orr, Rose McCullough, Murat Uralkan, John Cauthen and Brooke McCumpsey for their vision and support in making this partnership a reality.

Innovation Requires Partnership